Audio Analytics

Audio analytics is all about unlocking the hidden data within audio sources. It can be difficult to glean insights from a stream of audio when it’s in its native type, but with advanced machine learning-based audio processing techniques, it becomes possible.

What Audio Analytics Include

  • Sound analytics – determine common sounds in audio without needing a human to listen
  • Speech and voice recognition
  • Speech to Text generation
  • Language detection
  • Noise levels
  • The number of speakers present¬†

What You Can Do With Audio Analytics

  • Convert audio speech to text. This text can then be used for further analysis. Additionally, text is easier to search and analyze than audio files. This can be very useful for call centers who want to gain deeper insights into their customers
  • Identify common sounds like alarms, smoke detectors, broken glass, ringtones, and so on without having to have a dedicated person involved
  • Identify who is speaking, and when
  • Test the effectiveness of speech recognition software used in customer service

Analyze Your Audio Today

Listening to audio and manually analyzing it is an extremely time-consuming task. With the advent of advanced analytics powered by AI Superior, you will automatize your audio-related activities and delve into the hidden details of your audio