Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Computer vision and image analysis is the process of finding actionable information from image data. Images hold a lot of information. This information can be easy for a human to process but has historically been difficult for computers to make sense of. However, with the powerful AI of today, advanced computer vision and image analysis are possible.

What Computer Vision and Image Analysis Include

  • Image processing:
    • denoising and enhancement
    • Checking for presence
    • Object detection – detecting objects and their location
    • Measuring objects
    • Identifying and verifying objects
  • Image segmentation
  • Face recognition
  • Emotional analysis
  • Optical character recognition
  • Contextual image classification
  • and many others


What You Can Do With Computer Vision and Image Analysis

  • Emulate human insight into images – Humans are great at understanding images, but tasking humans with analyzing image after image is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Image analysis solutions can do this in a matter of seconds.
  • Label images so they can be categorized
  • Detect objects within images so you can gain important insights very quickly
  • Recognize faces in images separate to other objects
  • Annotate images – annotate measurements or key features on an image. For example, on an image of a face, you could annotate the distance between the eyes, the width of the nose bridge, and so on.
  • Surveillance – Facial recognition is an important part of the surveillance industry.
  • Develop biometric products.
  • Classify images – What type of image is it? What’s the subject? What’s the context?
  • Object tracking – How has an object moved through a series of images.

Find Insights Into Your Images

Image analysis is extremely time consuming and no longer appropriate for people to be doing themselves. With image analysis and computer vision services, you can find key insights into thousands of images in a matter of minutes. Get in touch with AI Superior to see how we can help you unlock the insights and actions hidden in your image data.