HR Analytics

Human Resource (HR) analytics deals with analytics related to employees within an organization (people analytics). With HR analytic solutions you can gain valuable insights into employee turnover rate, predict which employees are likely to leave, analyze workplace culture, track the core competencies of employees, and more. Once you have these insights you will be empowered to make impactful changes to improve the health of workers and therefore the organization as a whole.

What HR Analytics Include

  • Employee turnover rate or employee churn
  • Workforce skills and competency analysis
  • Capacity analysis – analyzing how efficient your workplace is
  • Leadership analysis – using a range of data to determine how effective employees in senior positions are
  • Employee engagement
  • Testing the effectiveness of HR policies
  • Analyzing sick leave, vacation days, unauthorized absences, and emergency leave
  • Incidences and analysis of workplace accidents
  • Staffing levels

What You Can Do With HR Analytics

  • Determine which employees are adding the most value to your business
  • Identify trends behind absenteeism
  • Determine which employees are the most and least engaged. These insights can be used to make meaningful changes to improve engagement
  • Get a complete understanding of your workplace culture and be better equipped to successfully change it
  • Help determine whether your staffing levels are optimal or not. This can inform decisions on whether to hire more staff or cut down on staff.
  • Find talents that fit your company
  • Automatize CV processing and information extraction

Get Valuable Insights Into Your Employees

With human resource consultancy and advanced HR analytics tools, we can help you unlock key insights into your employees and increase the value of your human capital.