IoT Analytics

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 devices collects huge amounts of data that can be used to gain actionable insights into your operation. However, in its native format, IoT data tends to be highly unstructured and complicated which makes it difficult to analyze without advanced tools or relevant expertise. The use cases for IoT analytics are varied, but as for a few examples, you can use sensors to monitor the ongoing health of machinery, optimize commercial deliveries, and gain valuable insights into how devices are used.

What IoT Analytics Include

  • Edge analytics – collect and analyze data at the source (device, sensor or touchpoint) rather than wait for the data to be sent to the server
  • Stream analytics – process and analyze data in real-time as the data moves through the stream in online fashion
  • Track and analyze the movement of people, stock, or vehicles with RFID or GPS devices
  • Monitoring the health of machinery and setting acceptable boundaries (e.g. heat, pressure, speed)
  • Social analytics – analyze audience behavior through sensors at events
  • Monitoring the health of an environment with connected devices¬†

What You Can Do With IoT Analytics

  • Improve and optimize the IoT platform through IoT analytics
  • Perform predictive maintenance on devices or machinery to avoid downtime or costly repairs
  • Optimize the environment around your devices to allow for optimal performance
  • Optimize the layout of stock on a store floor via insights gained on how people move through the store
  • Understand key trends in your data to get a better insight into your business and make meaningful goals for the future

Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Devices

At AI Superior we work with companies to help them unlock the hidden power in their data. We work with all types of structured and unstructured IoT data and use advanced analytics tools and techniques to find the actionable insights within.