Social Media and Text Analytics

Text analytics is the process of uncovering meaning and insights in text data. Natural human language is extremely nuanced. Although millions of us use the same language every day, we don’t all use it in the same way. Speech patterns, idiosyncrasies, new words and rules, dialects, and one word having several meanings all contribute to this complexity. Text analytics is all about drilling down into the intricacies of natural language.

What Social Media and Text Analytics Include

  • Analyzing social media posts like those on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Analyzing forum posts
  • Analyzing call transcripts
  • Analyzing surveys
  • Analyzing support tickets
  • Audience analytics
  • Customized content analysis
  • Content analytics

This list isn’t exhaustive. Social media and text analytics can be used to analyze any text-based data.

What You Can Do With Social Media and Text Analytics

  • Determine the emotion felt towards a product, brand, or topic – You can find commonly used emotive words in the text.
  • Determine the sentiment of your campaigns
  • Analyze how much of the conversation is about the product, brand, or topic
  • Find keywords within the text
  • Create social media reports
  • Determine purchase intent
  • Create responsive chatbots – You can use text analytics as a basis for creating chatbots. Chatbots must understand the people they are talking to and derive context without asking too many questions.
  • Machine learning – Use text analysis to create categories or tags and teach your computer to categorize similar text, posts, survey responses accordingly.

Find the Meaning in Your Text Data

It’s now easier than ever to collect huge text datasets. These datasets can hold valuable insights into how your customers feel towards our business or product. You can then use this information to create better posts and make evidenced-based goals for the future. Get in touch today to find the true meaning of your text data.