Web Analytics

We’re in the digital age where creating a professional-looking website is easier than ever, no matter the size of the business. However, there’s more to online success than just creating a website. Web analytics is about collecting and analyzing everything related to your website so you can optimize it for maximum success. 

What Web Analytics Include

  • The geolocation of website visitors
  • The Click-through rate (CTR)
  • User testing – Do users find your website easy to use?
  • Page analysis – Which pages do users spend the most time on? Get to the bottom of user/website behavior.
  • Bounce rate analysis
  • Overall traffic
  • Traffic per device
  • New versus returning visitors analysis
  • Conversion rate analysis

What You Can Do With Web Analytics

  • Find out who is visiting your website and where they have come from. This could either be their physical location or the website they found your website from. Use this information to target similar customers.
  • Determine whether a high bounce rate is due to long loading times, irrelevant content, or something else.
  • Help you decide what changes to make to the mobile or desktop versions of your site.
  • Help you decide whether to tweak your call to action to improve conversion rates
  • Create a strategy to make your website more engaging if you only get a small number of returning visitors
  • Target specific locations in your marketing based on geolocation analysis
  • Focus more attention on pages that have a high bounce rate

Improve Your Website With Advanced Web Analytics

The web analytics services offered by AI Superior can help you optimize your website, making it more consumer-friendly. Investing in web analytics consulting can provide significant returns in terms of increased web traffic, better marketing strategies, improved keywords, reduced bounce rate, and higher conversion and click-through rates. Optimize your website for success today