Building in-house teams

Building a team of data professionals is a crucial step for success of you business, especially when there is shortage of skilled data scientists. To hire a strong data professional it is required to understand the market of such experts, keep up with tools and practices used in industry, be able to validate key competences. For companies that are establishing their data science department, it is often required to receive guidance and support to create a team.  We execute the whole process: from planning hiring requirements and formulating job description to interviewing and assessing candidate performance.

What we offer for your in-house team:

  • Defining data department strategy
  • Planning hiring requirements
  • Formulating job description and interview tasks
  • Conduct interviews and evaluate candidate performance
  • Verify cultural fit
  • Help with on-boarding

We will help you to rapidly scale up your existing team or build data science team from scratch. We will execute all required steps in order to create strong and capable team of data professionals.

Build your in-house data team

We build or scale up your on-site team of data experts and professionals according to your needs and resources. We guarantee high skilled employeers that fit your culture and provide performance you expect