Building offshore teams

Offshoring a data science team is a common practice nowadays when organisations look for rapid scaling options (also for limited time range) as well as to reduce development costs.  Experienced, dedicated and professional offsite team is able to bring your products and services forward without any additional commitments and obligations. That is especially critical for companies in their initial phases (e.g. startups) who have high business risks and limited financial resources.

What we offer for your offshore team:

  • Efficient team collaboration and project management
  • Transparent team activities and reporting
  • Suitable communication systems
  • Participation in decision making
  • Team unity and inclusion

We will help you to rapidly scale up by building an external team that will be fully integrated in your processes. We will establish all process to perform smooth operation and collaboration between your onsite and offshore teams.

Let us build an offshore team for you

We rapidly build a team of data experts and professionals according to your needs and resources. We guarantee full dedication and focus to your challenges as well as enforce team unity