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Our team has executed data analytics projects in various business domains and industries. We developed and applied state-of-the-art techniques to achieve the highest performance of our models. 


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Other projects

Satellite Imagery Analysis

We developed a machine learning component to analyze satellite imagery data and determine types of land areas: forests, water, desert, agricultural land as well as man-made features like roads, thoroughfares and buildings. The developed analytics has potential to be applied for natural disaster recovery efforts, land planning, agriculture and others.

Computer Vision

Recent advances in video and image analysis have uncovered unbelievable potential of graphical data to solve complex business problems. We developed multiple analytics modules that by relying on the complex Deep Learning architectures are able to perform object detection, recognition, segmentation, tracking and properties estimation.

Analytics for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) reshapes every industry, all infrastructure, devices, and systems and produce huge amounts of data that will need to be analyzed. We have done extensive work in the field of data analysis from environmental and wearable sensors, which was successfully applied in the broad range of domains like Industry 4.0, Smart Home.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analysis is a crucial process for understanding customer satisfaction and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It plays an important role in the business success. We developed customer NLP analytics that is able to segment all the relevant customers, understand their preferences and product satisfaction.