Customer Reviews

Machine Learning is a crucial technology for our business as we provide services in a very competitive domain. AI Superior helped us to develop multiple analytics components that provide quality and reliable services. Starting with a rapid PoC, AI Superior demonstrated us potential value of Machine Learning and then helped to bring components to production stage. The experience working with AI Superior is very positive: rapid delivery, stable and accurate results, always ready to support and assist.

Solution of AI Superior: HR analytics

Denis Shershnev

CEO, Online Remote Tech Job Recruitment Service,

Business Management Software operates with huge amount of heterogeneous data that is challenging to analyze jointly. With the help of guys from AI Superior we could quickly run several PoCs to spot where we could immediately benefit from. We directly identified multiple use cases where data analysis and machine learning is able to bring much of additional value. These were: revenue prediction, people analytics and customer segmentation. The expertise of AI Superior guys is really impressive!

Solution of AI Superior: execution of several PoCs on business data including turnover data, HR data, customer data

Viktor Khlebov

CEO, Business Management Software Vendor,

Knowing and understanding your customer is a crucial thing for the success of the business, especially when it comes to a highly competitive market of luxury goods retailing. AI Superior was able to reveal us really valuable insights hidden in our data. That allowed us to significantly better serve the needs of our clients which resulted in revenue increase.

Solution of AI Superior: user profiling and segmentation, analysis of interests via natural language processing

Dario Cominotti

CEO, Helvetic Diamond Exchange – Luxuries Retail Company,

I was surprised to see how analytics delivered by AI Superior turned into objective evaluation of prices of real estate properties that matched our experts estimations. It‘s just truly amazing!

Solution of AI Superior: real estate market price prediction over a metropolitan region

Rocco Vuocolo

CEO, Real Estate Development Company,