Our Services

AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Development

End-to-end product and solution design based on big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our experienced team will build a solution that fulfills your requirements and allows flexibility for future evolution.

People (Experts)

Are you planning to create an offshore or in-house Data Science department? We will share our expertise to help shaping your team. We will train and mentor your existing employees and assist in the recruitment of new ones.


We will look for emerging business opportunities by utilizing new technologies such as AI and machine learning as well as continually analyzing new data sources. With this knowledge we help you make the right choice of technological solutions for real-world business challenges.

This type of cooperation is used when the full scope of the work or the implementation deadlines cannot be determined before the start of the project. You will only pay for the actually realized tasks within the project in accordance with the time spent.
In this model a fixed price for all the project work is determined by a careful review of stages of work, deadlines, resources, and costs. This approach reduces the number of project risks due to a more accurate assessment of requirements.
You will have a dedicated team of developers who will be under the direct management of the Onsite PM. This model is used if the scope or duration of the project may change. The customer is responsible for ensuring adequate project workload for the specified work hours and the team will not assist in third-party projects and tasks.