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How did we become one of the best data science companies?

Our Story

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"Right from the start, we recognized the potential Artificial Intelligence (AI) had. We saw that a lot of decision makers were buzzing about this term; however, many of those didn't trust AI. It seemed accessible only to Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other big players. We decided to get out of our comfort zone and show the world that AI can bring significant value to companies and organizations. That was the driving force behind AI Superior."

Ivan Tankoyeu, PhD and Sergey Sukhanov, PhD
Founders of AI Superior

Importance of data science – our value proposition

„We want to be an AI solution partner for companies and organizations who believe in Artificial Intelligence to be a useful tool for their digitalization or digital transformation“

Should customers hire our services?

First of all, we talk about the potential, but don't neglect the risks of AI. To be honest, many of its aspects may be questionable, like:

  • Quality of data
  • Technology of feasibility
  • Lack of relevant corporate processes

These factors affect the AI's success rate, allowing only 20% of success according to Gartner. This further implies that, on average, one out of five companies integrate AI solutions into their business value chains after having initial experience with artificial intelligence.

We have 4x higher successfull PoC than market average

We have an optimal approach to Productizing Artificial Intelligence

How do we do this?

The only way we know:

  • We manage this risk properly
  • We have an established AI Project Life Cycle, ensuring AI Solutions meet customers' objectives
  • We encourage transparency by communicating the risks and opportunities to our clients based on their problem analysis

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Team Division

We are proud of the team we’ve built. Our team’s diverse expertise across cutting-edge technologies and in various domains is the secret to our success. The robust theoretical foundation and practical experience of our PhD-level data scientists and software engineers allow us to produce efficient and pragmatic Data Science solutions to high complexity business challenges. Different Team Divisions are involved in project planning and implementation. in this way we ensure the success of your AI project right from the start. At AI Superior we differentiate three different Team Divisions.

Product Team

  • Group 2358

    AI Product Owner

  • Group 2358

    Business Analyst

  • Group 2358

    Project Manager

Data Team

  • Group 2358

    Data Scientists

  • Group 2358

    ML Engineers

  • Group 2358

    Bl Analyst

Development Team

  • Group 2358

    Software Development

  • Group 2358

    Quality Assurance

  • Group 2358


Education of our Expert Team







Scientific publications

Our two founders Ivan Tankoyeu, PhD and Sergey Sukhanov, PhD have published several papers during their academic career:


Apply to one of the possible career opportunities and grow together with us!

(Senior) Data Scientist

Your Mission: You structure, manage and lead client activities as well as internal research projectsYou manage the internal data science projectYou evaluate advances in…


  • Remote
  • Full-time
  • Permanent Employee


Senior Project Manager

Your Mission: AI Superior is a service provider of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI that helps businesses apply analytics to unlock the potential of…


  • Remote
  • Full-time
  • Permanent Employee




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Data and Privacy

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

"Data handling: AI Superior is compliant with GDPR, Trusted by different customers."
AI Superior respects the privacy of all customers, especially in the use of data. All data and information engaged in any project are collected and stored correctly in formats in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How We Handle Data

To demonstrate our commitment, we handle data carefully according to GDPR and anonymize them to increase privacy. All data preparations are carefully prepared and follow recommended guidelines in line with global standards. Regarding data collection and its usage, all customers are provided with detailed terms and conditions applicable to the data type.