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NLP Machine Learning

AI Superior offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions employing a mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Linguistics, and Machine Learning (ML). Today, NLP is an exciting and fast-growing subfield of AI and data science, focusing on interaction amongst computers and humans via natural language.

Why NLP?

The main goal of integrating NLP is to read, decode, comprehend, and use human language(s) helpfully. Although the natural human language is enormously refined with millions of daily users, we still share a distinct approach in its use. Dialects, Idiosyncrasies, Speech patterns, new words, and rules, alongside words with several meanings, all contribute to these complexities.

NLP remains a driving force for popular apps like Alexa, Google Translate, Grammarly, Microsoft Word, and Siri. NLP also covers the text analytics process, which unveils meaning and insights in text data. Conventionally, only programmers can perform different actions on a computer via codes. But with the massive digital evolution available today, computers are now available for all fields and engagements.

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