Skill Gap Analytics: People Analytics

Technology NLP
Industry Pharmaceutical
Potential industries Telco, Security, Retail, Logistics and Transportation, Insurance, Finance, Education
Client Science and technology company



The customer is an international company with tens of thousands of employees interested in under-standing their employees’ skills. An important insight they wanted to obtain was to understand their business-critical employees’ skills and determine if a skill gap exists between those people and their potential successors.

Solution by AI Superior

We developed an interactive tool to perform a skills gap analysis between employees. The tool is based on NLP analytics that can:

  • Extract and parse skills from unstructured text, e.g., position descriptions, performance re-views, CVs, etc.
  • Bring these extracted skills to a three-level hierarchical skill profile structure and compare these skill profiles on different hierarchical levels.

Skills profiles are represented in a hierarchical structure that includes three levels:

  • General level – This describes a high-level area of business activities, such as IT or finance.
  • Function Level: This describes a particular function within the General Level group, such as software development (IT) or accounting (finance).
  • Skill level: This includes specific skills extracted from employee profiles.

Outcome and Implications

The developed tool allowed the client to understand the skills of their employees, identify potential successors for business-critical roles, and notice which training is required to decrease identified skill gaps. The insights identified by the developed analytics helped to answer many other accompanying questions related to talent management, such as recruitment, succession, and training. The overall effort allowed the customer to save in total around 10,000 man-hours.