Development of Artificial Intelligence components

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Our end-to-end products and design solutions are based on artificial intelligence modules, machine learning, and data science. Our team will build you a fully compliant solution with your requirements in mind while ensuring flexibility for future evolution.

AI Superior's Value Proposition is about effective success and risk management for our clients in AI Projects. With our established AI Project Life Cycle Framework, we ensure the effective implementation of these two criteria. The framework has several stages presented in the following graphic.

AI Project Lifecycle Framework

Graphic showing the AI Project Lifecycle

AI Components

Face your challenges!

Do you want to introduce a new data-driven service that turns your data into business insights while optimizing your company processes?

Probably, you want to ensure this new framework meets all expectations, along with clear-cut performance.

We will manage your success and risk properly!

The Proof of Concept (PoC)

By creating a Proof of Concept (PoC), a Prototype, or a Pilot project, we will help your company establish new data-driven solutions that will transform your business operations.

Proof-of-concept (PoC) projects generally last from several days to several weeks, with the primary goal of validating a business idea (sometimes incomplete) or an assumption. Such feasibility study is performed at a relatively small scale often by utilizing a small data sample, proving that the solution is viable.

The Proof of Concept is the main part of our Value propostion.


The Working Prototype

Typically, building a working prototype is the next step after executing a PoC. Prototypes allow you to refine your initial idea or hypothesis and resolve uncertainties about how it operates, looks and feels.

Additionally, this allows you to go forward with a version that requires more data samples or so-called sources to enrich functionality. Creating a prototype is tedious work! It can usually go from several weeks to three months.

The Pilot

In a pilot stage, you believe the solution is realistic and acceptable, but you want to understand how it works in reality.

By building a pilot, we create a running system that allows you to evidence how your data-driven service works in production, though with a limited audience. It already brings you the power to take action based on data's insight. At this point, you can still make minor modifications. Typically, it requires 30 days to several months to create a pilot.

The Running data-driven system

Running data-driven systems (analytical software) are the software products that seamlessly run and generate insights on the full scale. Such a system might be running online or by demand and be stored on the cloud or on-premises. It usually takes a couple of months to create analytical software.

AI research and projects

Machine Learning research is crucial for going forward with AI development and you are often required to answer research questions. While they might be theoretical or practical, they still need to be addressed scientifically.

As a team of data scientists and machine learning experts, we continuously conduct scientific research to answer some of the most challenging questions that arise in the community. We publish our results, attend conferences and participate in workshops.

Why would you need AI scientific research activities? We hope the following arguments sum up the answer to this question:

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    You want to understand what are the alternatives solutions to your problem

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    You want to perform extensive validation of existing approaches and possibly develop your own to obtain a competitive advantage

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    You want to discover new ways of addressing your current or future problems

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    You want to improve performance of your current AI approaches

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    You want to solve a problem that was never addressed before

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    You want to share knowledge or the way you approach the problem with the community

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    You want to stay on top of your research community to attract attention and talents

Our team will help you perform research activities or take over the entire coordination and research itself. We have solid experience writing papers for scientific journals, conferences and workshops, approaching many types of machine learning and AI problems. We work closely with our partners from leading universities and research centers to continually provide quality and valuable research.

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