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Empowering Organizations with Custom LLM-Enabled Chatbot Solutions

Technology NLP
Industry Other
Potential industries Finance, Legal, Insurance, Retail
Client Consulting Firm


The AI Superior team developed a web application that allows users to communicate with a Custom LLM through a chatbot interface. This innovation empowers organizations to establish private, hosted solutions akin to commercial ChatGPT but with an array of advanced features.


A consulting firm approached us with a challenge – they needed to enhance communication and information accessibility for their teams without compromising data privacy. To address this challenge, our team set out to develop a chatbot solution that doesn’t rely on third-party LLM services and instead has its own custom LLM, allowing for greater control over data privacy, training, and updates.


Solution by AI Superior

Our team developed a web application that enables users to communicate with a Custom Large Language Model (LLM) through a chatbot interface. The application’s user interface was designed with simplicity in mind. Users can easily log in, type queries or statements, and receive responses from the chatbot. What sets this solution apart is its ability to provide responses along with data source details, such as generated responses with document references, enhancing transparency and traceability.  Unlike solutions relying on third-party LLM services, our chatbot utilizes a custom LLM developed in-house.  This strategic choice accorded the consulting firm enhanced control over data privacy, training processes, and updates.

application interface

Outcome and Implications

The implementation of this chatbot solution has had a profound impact on our client operations. By offering a user-friendly interface and responses integrated with data source details, the solution has elevated transparency and traceability in internal communications. Moreover, the support for uploading custom files to set context has empowered the consulting firm to create knowledge centers.

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