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SOTA Research/Patents

AI Superior delivers exceptional SOTA Research, patents, and scientific publications

Are you looking for AI solutions to help you with your patent discovery? Are you after AI- or Machine Learning-based scientific publications, as well as excellent data analytics solutions? Allow us to guide you through your journey.

AI Superior team is fully committed and ready to deliver state-of-the-art (SOTA) solutions to all clients needing quality research, patents, and scientific publications. We take a straightforward approach in providing such AI Consulting and Services.

AI Superior can analyze various data types, interpret, and create valuable data visualizations. We can complete this analysis in record time due to a capable team of qualified PhD-level experts with an academic and industrial background. Our research background covers top fields, including core STEM programs and other areas requiring the application of AI, Machine Learning, and data management. Using our AI software development services, your research will reach new heights.

We have a simple mission: Our team wants to use advanced technology to improve research, patents, and scientific publications. We offer SOTA technological solutions according to our customers’ requirements and AI, ML, and data management techniques to deliver affordable, fast, reliable, and quantitative research projects.


AI Superior is here to help you accomplish your scientific patent and research needs. We will automate the majority of your process. Our team is highly experienced and ready to assist and oversee research and patent projects based on customer input. We will deliver outcomes that are expected of a project to meet the best scientific standards available globally.

Our team is open to working with individuals, agencies, established brands, startups, and any group seeking assistance in scientific research or patent technology. Our approach is detailed, fast, cost-efficient, and well-curated to meet various demands.

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