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How chat bot can help to improve meeting scheduling

Technology NLP
Industry Internet
Potential industries Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Media, Government, Real Estate, Space
Client Tech Solutions Company


We developed a chatbot for a centralized meeting scheduling system. Our service allowed the customer to automate their process and reduce the number of human operators.


The customer organizes meetings for his clients. Instead of clients communicating among themselves, communication takes place centrally through the customer. The customer was interested in automating this process. At the same time, the user communication with the system should be in natural language. Initially, the customer used Google DialogFlow. But the performance of Google’s solution did not allow the process to be fully automated.

Solution by AI Superior

We delivered a solution that receives response messages from the users to a meeting offer. Users can accept a meeting, decline it or propose an alternative date/time for the meeting. Moreover, the system can receive an automatic “out of office” reply. Our solution can extract the following information from a user’s message:

  • The user’s intention for a meeting offer. The user could agree or refuse the meeting. He could suggest a new time or say that this time does not suit him and etc.
  • If the user proposes a new meeting time or date our solution extracts a particular date and time from the raw text.
  • If the system receives an “out of office” message our solution extracts the user’s return date if specified.

Outcome and Implications

Thanks to our solution, the client was able to automate his processes. Automation saved 3,000 man-hours per month. At the same time, Google’s DialogFlow costs $10,000 per month. Moreover, the customer expects a tenfold increase in the number of customers and the price of a Google solution would also increase 10 times.

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