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Leading AI Consulting Companies in Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has become a pivotal hub for artificial intelligence consulting, with numerous firms offering expertise in AI solutions to transform various industry sectors. These companies specialize in harnessing the power of AI to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and create new value streams. This article highlights the top AI consulting companies in Riyadh, showcasing their contributions to the AI landscape and their role in driving technological innovation in the region.


1. AI Superior

At AI Superior, we specialize in transforming cutting-edge artificial intelligence concepts into scalable and practical solutions. Founded in 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany by Dr. Ivan Tankoyeu and Dr. Sergey Sukhanov, our company leverages deep expertise in AI to deliver high-impact solutions across a range of industries. Our approach integrates a profound understanding of technological feasibility and business processes, ensuring that our AI implementations are not only innovative but also align closely with the real-world needs of our clients.


Our team’s commitment to success is reflected in our superior track record, where we achieve a success rate four times higher than the market average in Proof of Concept (PoC) stages. This success is underpinned by our rigorous risk management strategies and our AI Project Life Cycle methodology, which prioritizes alignment with client objectives and transparent communication of risks and opportunities.


The core of our strength lies in our diverse team of PhD-level data scientists and software engineers, whose expertise spans across multiple cutting-edge technologies and domains. This diversity enables us to address complex business challenges with efficient, pragmatic data science solutions. Our team divisions are structured to enhance project outcomes from inception through to completion, ensuring that every project benefits from tailored expertise and collaborative synergy.


At AI Superior, we believe in the transformative power of AI and its potential to redefine the landscape of industries. Our services are designed not just to solve problems but to forge new pathways for innovation and efficiency. We are dedicated to empowering businesses by unlocking the full potential of their data through sophisticated AI applications.


Key Highlights:

  • Founded by experts Dr. Ivan Tankoyeu and Dr. Sergey Sukhanov in 2019.
  • Specializes in transforming AI concepts into scalable solutions.
  • Achieves a success rate four times higher than the market average.
  • Utilizes a systematic AI Project Life Cycle to align closely with client objectives.
  • Team consists of PhD-level data scientists and engineers with diverse expertise.



  • Development of customized AI-driven software solutions.
  • Comprehensive AI training programs for teams and individuals.
  • Expert consulting on artificial intelligence application and integration.
  • Research and development in cutting-edge AI technologies.


Contact Information:


2. MTech Consulting Services

MTech Consulting Services is a technology consulting firm dedicated to assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of digital transformation. They offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize business processes, enhance data utilization, and leverage technological advances to foster growth and efficiency. The firm specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and has a deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and related platforms.


The company’s approach is centered around understanding the specific needs of each client and providing tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing systems. By focusing on automation and data-driven decision-making, MTech helps organizations streamline operations and improve their overall business performance. Their services include process redesign, implementation of advanced ERP solutions, and strategic consultations to ensure that technology deployments add tangible value.


MTech’s team comprises experienced professionals who combine technical proficiency with strategic business insights. This blend of skills enables them to not only implement complex systems but also ensure they align with the client’s long-term business goals. The firm places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and aims to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations.


In addition to technical services, MTech is committed to empowering clients through education and support. They provide training and ongoing support to ensure that clients can maximize the benefits of new systems and technologies. This educational approach helps clients maintain and enhance their systems independently, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.


MTech Consulting Services positions itself as a partner in technology rather than just a service provider. Their goal is to transform businesses by making technology a core aspect of business strategy, enabling clients to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence.


Key Highlights:

  • Specializes in ERP solutions and digital transformation.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and associated technologies.
  • Emphasizes tailored solutions and strategic integration.
  • Focuses on process optimization and automation.
  • Dedicated to long-term client education and support.



  • ERP implementation and optimization.
  • Digital transformation consulting.
  • Business process redesign and automation.
  • Data analysis and decision support systems.
  • Training and ongoing technical support.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Suite # 105, First Floor, Arkan Center, Thahlia Street, Ar Rawda, Jeddah 23432, Saudi Arabia
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone Number: +966-12-26 111 61, +966 55 772 9580


3. Knowtified

Knowtified harnesses the power of AI to transform human resources information systems into strategic assets that drive talent and performance management. Established to bridge the gap between data accumulation and actionable insights, Knowtified offers machine learning-driven tools that not only highlight performance gaps but also predict future skill requirements, facilitating proactive talent development.


Their technology combines advanced machine learning algorithms with behavioral science, allowing for a detailed analysis of organizational data. This unique blend aids in pinpointing improvement areas and forecasting future skill needs, thus preparing companies for upcoming challenges and opportunities. Knowtified integrates this technology to provide data-driven insights that are critical for strategic human resource planning and management.


A key service provided by Knowtified revolves around performance correlation, sentiment tagging, and predictive analytics. Their system effectively identifies underlying patterns in workforce data, offering organizations a clearer understanding of their internal dynamics. This capability enables businesses to preemptively address potential issues and align their talent strategy with broader corporate objectives.


Furthermore, Knowtified is distinguished by its client-centric approach, with services tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. Their AI-powered tools are designed to enhance the decision-making processes within HR departments, turning qualitative assessments into quantitative data that can drive growth and efficiency.


In summary, Knowtified stands out for its innovative use of AI and behavioral science to enhance human resources management. By converting raw data into profound insights, they empower organizations to optimize their workforce effectively.


Key Highlights:

  • Utilizes AI and behavioral science to enhance HR decision-making.
  • Predicts future skill needs to prepare organizations for change.
  • Offers tailored AI-driven tools to meet specific organizational needs.
  • Integrates advanced machine learning algorithms for in-depth data analysis.
  • Focuses on performance improvement and strategic talent management.



  • AI-powered performance analysis and improvement recommendations.
  • Predictive analytics for future skill requirements and talent management.
  • Custom AI tool development tailored to specific organizational needs.
  • Comprehensive data analysis integrating behavioral science for actionable insights.
  • Strategic consulting services to align HR practices with business objectives.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: 5682, Makkah Road 6146, Riyadh 12321
  • Contact Email:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:


4. PSH Consulting Services

PSH Consulting Services specializes in providing strategic AI consulting and digital solutions to both public and private organizations, assisting them in overcoming obstacles in their digital transformation journeys. With a strong focus on integrating advanced governance, risk, and compliance systems, they offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing business processes and strategic planning through innovative technological implementations.


Their expertise extends to the development and integration of systems that automate strategic planning and operational management using methodologies like the Balanced Scorecard. This approach helps organizations monitor strategic and operational plans and manage performance across all levels, ensuring alignment with business objectives. Additionally, PSH offers a system called ‘Netaj’, which supports collaborative and interactive engagement in achieving targeted outcomes, enhancing organizational agility.


PSH is also proficient in delivering solutions that ensure business continuity, providing a technical framework for managing operational resilience and rapid recovery from disruptions. This capability is critical for maintaining steady business operations amidst unforeseen challenges. Their digital transformation strategy services include detailed assessments of current infrastructure, defining digital transformation requirements, and crafting tailored strategies that align with the organization’s strategic goals.


Beyond their technology solutions, PSH places a significant emphasis on data management and compliance with both local and international standards, aiding organizations in navigating the complex landscape of digital governance. Their consultancy extends to crafting data management offices that adhere to high standards of data quality and security, ensuring that organizations can leverage their data effectively and responsibly.


Key Highlights:

  • Specialization in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) systems.
  • Development of strategic planning and performance management systems.
  • Expertise in business continuity management.
  • Comprehensive digital transformation consultancy.
  • Strong focus on data governance and compliance standards.



  • Strategic planning and performance management automation.
  • Business continuity management systems.
  • Digital transformation strategy development.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance consulting.
  • Data management office establishment and support.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: King Abdullah Road, Rahmaniya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone: 00966114000995
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:


5. Marketways Arabia

Marketways Arabia, an artificial intelligence consultancy based in Dubai, specializes in leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies to address complex business challenges. Their expertise spans a variety of sectors, where they implement generative, predictive, and explainable models to enhance decision-making processes and operational efficiencies. This approach allows organizations to harness the potential of AI to unlock new opportunities and solutions.


The consultancy is renowned for its application of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These technologies are adapted to serve a range of business needs, from enhancing conversational AI interfaces used in customer service to improving document summarization and analysis. Marketways Arabia’s ability to integrate AI effectively makes them a pivotal player in transforming traditional business operations into agile, data-driven environments.


In addition to technical implementation, Marketways Arabia places a strong emphasis on ethical AI and regulatory compliance. The consultancy ensures that all AI solutions adhere to the highest standards of data ethics and are transparent in their functionality. This commitment is critical in industries where understanding AI decisions and processes is necessary for compliance and trust.


Marketways Arabia also offers strategic AI consulting, which involves aligning AI strategies with overarching business goals. This service is vital for organizations looking to integrate AI into their core operations without disrupting existing systems. The consultancy’s strategic services are designed to ensure that AI implementations are both scalable and impactful, providing long-term value to clients.


Overall, Marketways Arabia stands out as a leader in AI consultancy, driven by a deep understanding of both the technological landscape and its practical business applications. Their comprehensive service offerings, from developing bespoke algorithms to providing in-depth market research, enable clients to leverage AI technologies effectively and ethically.


Key Highlights:

  • AI and NLP Expertise: Marketways Arabia excels in applying Large Language Models and Natural Language Processing to improve conversational interfaces and document analysis.
  • Strategic Consulting: Providing AI strategic consulting to align AI capabilities with business objectives.
  • Ethical AI Focus: Emphasis on developing ethical AI solutions that comply with regulatory standards.
  • Research and Development: Dedicated R&D services to stay at the forefront of AI technology.
  • Performance Monitoring: Implementing systems to monitor and optimize the performance of AI deployments.



  • Generative Models (AI): Development of AI models capable of generating new data instances.
  • Predictive Models (ML): Creation of machine learning models to forecast future trends based on historical data.
  • Explainable AI Models: Ensuring transparency in AI operations, making the decision-making process clear and understandable.
  • Market Research: Comprehensive analysis to understand market needs and trends.
  • Proprietary Algorithms: Custom algorithms designed to solve specific client problems.
  • BiasPulse: A tool to detect and mitigate bias in AI applications.
  • InfoTrack: Advanced tracking for data flows and analytics.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +971 (4) 4425320


6. EY

EY, known for its global presence in consultancy and professional services, places a strong emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) through its platform This initiative is dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of AI to address complex and critical challenges across various industries. The platform is not only a testament to EY’s commitment to innovation but also serves as a hub for developing AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and operational capabilities across its global clientele.


In Riyadh and beyond, EY provides a comprehensive range of AI consultancy services. These services include the deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs) and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions. Such technologies are employed to refine customer interaction through virtual assistants, optimize document processing, and enhance data analysis, proving indispensable in sectors ranging from finance to healthcare.


Moreover, EY is committed to the ethical implications of AI, ensuring that all implementations are transparent and compliant with regulatory standards. This focus on ethical AI fosters trust and reliability in automated systems, which is crucial for clients operating in sensitive and highly regulated environments. EY’s approach not only mitigates risks associated with AI but also ensures that these technologies are used in a manner that benefits society at large.


Key to EY’s success in AI consultancy is its integrated service model that combines assurance, consulting, strategy, transactions, and tax expertise. This model facilitates the delivery of tailored AI solutions that are both innovative and practical, ensuring that client investments in AI are strategic and result in tangible benefits. EY’s multidisciplinary teams are equipped to handle a variety of challenges, enabling clients to stay ahead in an increasingly digital and automated world.


Lastly, EY’s commitment to building a better working world is reflected in its proactive approach to upskilling its workforce in AI and related technologies. Through initiatives like the EY Tech MBA and the EY Badges program, the firm is preparing its employees and clients to navigate the complexities of a digital economy. This focus on education and empowerment is crucial in maximizing the potential of AI technologies for enhancing business operations and creating sustainable value.


Key Highlights:

  • Global Presence: EY operates in over 150 countries, providing a broad geographical footprint that supports a deep understanding of global economic and cultural nuances.
  • Integrated Services: EY offers comprehensive services across Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax, ensuring multifaceted support for clients.
  • Focus on Innovation: Through its unified AI platform,, EY is at the forefront of deploying cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Commitment to Sustainable Growth: EY promotes sustainable economic growth and inclusivity, aligning its strategies with global sustainability goals.
  • Expertise in Various Sectors: EY has deep sector knowledge, particularly in high-growth areas such as healthcare, financial services, and technology.



  • Assurance Services: Includes financial audit services and financial reporting advice to help foster trust and confidence in the capital markets.
  • Consulting Services: Focuses on performance improvement, technology implementation, and risk management to help optimize businesses.
  • Strategy and Transactions: Assists clients in navigating complex corporate transactions with services that cover corporate finance, restructuring, valuation, and economics.
  • Tax Services: Provides guidance on tax planning, compliance, and reporting, and maintains effective tax management in the face of complex legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Artificial Intelligence Consulting: Harnesses AI to drive business transformations, including automation of processes, data analytics, and customer engagement enhancements.
  • Digital and Technology Solutions: Develops digital strategies and technologies, including blockchain and cybersecurity solutions to drive innovation and efficiency.
  • Sustainability and Supply Chain Services: Helps companies build resilient and transparent supply chains and integrate sustainability into their core business strategy.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Al Faisaliah Office Tower – 14th Floor, King Fahad Road, PO Box 2732, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 11461
  • Phone: +966 11 215 9898
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:



In Riyadh, top AI consulting companies are shaping the business landscape by integrating artificial intelligence into the core operations of diverse industries. These firms are at the forefront of innovation, helping enterprises harness the power of AI to drive efficiency, enhance decision-making, and create new business models. Their expertise spans across various applications, from automating routine tasks and optimizing supply chains to developing sophisticated predictive analytics and natural language processing systems. The impact of these consulting services is profound, enabling Saudi businesses to remain competitive on a global scale and address the unique challenges posed by the digital age.


Moreover, these consulting firms emphasize ethical AI use, ensuring that the deployment of such technology aligns with both local and international standards. This approach not only mitigates risks but also fosters trust among stakeholders, paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive economic environment. By focusing on upskilling and empowering local talent with AI competencies, these companies contribute significantly to the national vision of transforming Riyadh into a hub for technological innovation. The synergy between advanced AI solutions and strategic consultancy equips Saudi businesses with the tools necessary to thrive in an increasingly automated and data-driven world.

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