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Top AI Consulting Companies in Sweden

Sweden, a nation celebrated for its technological prowess and innovative spirit, is home to some of the most prominent AI consulting companies in the world. These firms are at the vanguard of integrating artificial intelligence into business processes, offering a range of services from AI strategy and development to implementation and optimization. As Swedish businesses continue to seek ways to enhance efficiency, improve customer experiences, and create new value through digital transformation, these AI consultants are providing the expertise and solutions needed to navigate the complex landscape of AI technology. With a deep commitment to innovation and excellence, Sweden’s AI consulting companies are helping to shape a future where AI drives sustainable growth and competitive advantage.


1. AI Superior

AI Superior, a leader in artificial intelligence consultancy, begins its mission with a profound belief in AI’s transformative potential. This guiding principle has propelled us to become a key player in redefining the business landscape through AI empowerment. Originating from Germany, our firm is distinguished by its commitment to navigating the intricacies of AI integration with unmatched expertise and creativity. Our team, enriched with seasoned AI connoisseurs, machine learning gurus, and adept data scientists, dedicates itself to delivering consulting services of the highest caliber. We excel in crafting personalized AI strategies and implementing state-of-the-art solutions, all designed to equip our clients with the tools to harness AI for increased efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.


Our dedication at AI Superior is rooted in excellence and innovation. Acknowledging the distinct challenges and opportunities unique to each enterprise, we customize our offerings to precisely fit our clients’ needs. By drawing from our deep well of expertise and harnessing the latest AI advancements, we transform data into practical insights, boost intelligent automation, and encourage enduring growth. Our endeavors aim to elevate operational effectiveness, enhance customer experiences, and pioneer AI-infused products and services. We accompany our clients on their digital transformation voyage, ensuring they fully capitalize on AI’s vast potential.


AI Superior stands out for its focus on comprehensive AI application development and consulting services, boasting a team replete with Ph.D.-level Data Scientists and Software Engineers. Each team member contributes their extensive knowledge to assist enterprises in sculpting their success narratives. Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, we provide tailor-made AI-driven software solutions. From crafting web and mobile applications to developing intricate machine learning models, our solutions are meticulously designed to tackle our clients’ unique challenges.


Furthermore, we underscore the significance of AI literacy and skills for its successful implementation, which has led us to develop thorough training programs. These programs aim to arm individuals and teams with the confidence to effectively utilize AI technologies, ensuring businesses flourish in the contemporary digital landscape.


Incorporating AI into business processes unveils numerous advantages. For example, 75% of executives affirm that AI has refined their decision-making processes and secured a competitive advantage. AI holds the potential to automate up to 45% of tasks across diverse sectors, significantly cutting costs and enhancing productivity. Importantly, AI has become instrumental in fraud detection, curbing financial losses by 40%.


Our expertise spans a wide array of AI solutions, including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, BI Solutions, and Big Data Analytics. These technologies enable enterprises to propel growth, address complex challenges, and make well-informed decisions through data-driven insights.


Proudly, we have developed award-winning AI solutions for various sectors, such as finance, government, tech startups, and media, showcasing our ability to navigate industry-specific hurdles with solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.


Our work methodology is systematic, beginning with an in-depth problem analysis and culminating in the smooth integration of AI solutions into our clients’ systems. This guarantees a transparent, cooperative approach, closely aligned with our clients’ objectives throughout the project lifespan.


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2. Echo State

Based in Europe, Echo State positions itself as a front-runner in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, and data engineering. Their deep understanding of new technologies allows them to enhance the business value for their clientele significantly.


Echo State encounters businesses daily, all of which share a common realization: the need to be data-driven to challenge competitors and ultimately lead their industry. The company assists these businesses by starting from their unique needs and goals, implementing cutting-edge technologies to create genuine added value and maximize business benefits.


AI and data-driven approaches are increasingly becoming essential for businesses aiming to leverage these technologies for maximum advantage. Echo State focuses on bridging technology with business needs, ensuring the focus remains on generating business value. They provide solutions that are truly needed, helping clients implement insights gained from these technologies into their businesses.


Echo State is recognized as one of the largest and fastest-growing independent companies in Europe specializing in AI, machine learning, data science, and data engineering. The company advocates that being data-driven is no longer just an advantage but a necessity for competitive edge. Companies that adeptly collect data, convert it into actionable insights, and act on these insights not only lead their markets but also define them.


The company supports its clients from the initial stages of raw data collection to the maximization of information value and the operationalization of AI with the latest technologies in AI, machine learning, data science, and data engineering.


Echo State’s expertise in AI and machine learning focuses on maximizing the operational benefits of new technologies. Their data engineering specialization ensures the right data is available at the right time and place. Additionally, data translation challenges are addressed not just from a technical standpoint but also in terms of how newly acquired knowledge can be utilized within a company, emphasizing the importance of accurate data interpretation.


When it comes to recruitment, Echo State adopts a distinctive approach. They value an individual’s aspirations and potential growth paths over their current standing. The company is on the lookout for individuals eager to learn and work in AI, machine learning, data science, and data engineering. Employees at Echo State may find themselves engaged in a variety of tasks, from discussing SQL expressions with a system architect one day to explaining profit margins to a CEO the next, typically under the roles of Data Scientist or Data Engineer.


Echo State’s philosophy revolves around the pivotal role of data in distinguishing between a good company and a global leader. By leveraging AI, machine learning, and analytics, Echo State aims to transform data into business value, guiding their clients through the complexities of becoming data-driven organizations poised for future success.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Engelbrektsgatan 14, 114 32 Stockholm
  • Contact Email:
  • LinkedIn:


3. Backtick Technologies

Backtick is a consulting firm that stands out in the realm of AI consulting, particularly for its innovative approach to making consulting beneficial for employees, clients, startups, and investors alike. Their strategy centers around an exceptional engineering team, a startup mindset, and transparent equity models, aiming to redefine the consulting experience.


The firm envisions itself as a tech-focused venture studio, where talented engineers and innovators collaborate to produce engaging investment opportunities. This vision is rooted in the belief that consultancies and startups can find common ground despite the challenges posed by the remote work landscape, talent shortages, and employee retention struggles.

Backtick presents an interesting proposition: consulting partnership as a viable, if not superior, alternative to hiring in-house talent. This is made possible through their robust engineering team and a startup-oriented approach, fostering long-term relationships that bring genuine value to their clients.


They pride themselves on creating spaces conducive to engineering, innovation, and product development—a nurturing environment where engineers work on client projects with as much passion as they do on personal ventures. This environment is designed to reduce risks, share upsides, and encourage ideas, benefiting everyone involved.


Key to Backtick’s approach are their core values: quality, innovation, and transparency. They strive to deliver top-notch technology and engineering solutions, focusing on innovation not just in their products and technical work, but also in their business operations. Transparency with customers and team members is a cornerstone of their culture, aiming to shift the focus to actual work and enjoyment rather than billable hours, salaries, and hierarchy.


Backtick positions itself as an enabler, enhancing products with clever technology and well-engineered systems. By combining their software and AI expertise with customers’ domain knowledge, they’ve tackled numerous challenging problems. Their portfolio showcases projects across deep learning, big data, machine learning, and more, demonstrating their capability in transforming industries such as waste management, transportation, and water management through AI.


The firm’s AI and ML competencies are often the primary reasons clients reach out, offering applied AI, algorithm development, and production-ready machine learning systems to derive business value from data. This is evident in their collaborations, such as helping bintel with predictive waste management and assisting Trivector in improving transportation data using data science.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Raffinadgatan 2, 222 35 Lund
  • Contact Email:


4. Intelivita

Intelivita, a technology growth partner for businesses worldwide, emphasizes its role in facilitating clients’ success through a comprehensive blend of technology, expertise, and creativity. The company prides itself on being a hub for certified mobile and web app developers, along with a creative team dedicated to writing success stories in the tech space.


At the core of Intelivita is a team that subscribes to the belief that a great team leads to magnificent output. This unity, forged from a passion for impactful results, facilitates their mission to deliver class-apart technology services. The team’s camaraderie is instrumental in overcoming challenges, aimed at providing significant value to clients.


With over a decade of experience, Intelivita has cultivated a reputation for satisfying a vast majority of its clients, backed by a portfolio of over 80 developments and catering to 650+ clients globally. This extensive engagement in the tech field underscores their capability to handle a wide array of projects across various sectors.


Intelivita’s journey, marked by milestones such as expansion into new territories, recognition as a market leader in mobile app development, AR, and VR by Clutch and GoodFirms, and a continuous increase in their workforce, reflects a trajectory of growth and innovation. The transition to a private limited company in 2023 further solidifies their stance in the industry as a professional and forward-looking entity.


The company approaches each project with a set of unique selling propositions, emphasizing expertise, a process-oriented approach, transparency, peace of mind, committed support, and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction. This approach ensures that small businesses are empowered to compete with larger organizations effectively.


Intelivita’s technical proficiency spans across a wide array of programming languages and development technologies, from Python and JavaScript to React Native and Flutter, showcasing their versatility in crafting tailored solutions that meet diverse project requirements. Their technology stack is carefully curated to ensure innovative outcomes that adhere to top-quality standards.


Their engagement in augmented and virtual reality, alongside a strong focus on cloud services, DevOps, and CI/CD, positions Intelivita as a leader in employing cutting-edge technologies to drive client projects. Their work in gaming and business solutions further demonstrates their capacity to deliver engaging and transformative digital experiences.


With a client-centric approach to AI development, Intelivita is poised to tackle emerging AI challenges, from generative AI to natural language processing, providing comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. Their dedication to innovation, coupled with a vast pool of experienced AI engineers, makes them a reliable partner for businesses seeking to leverage artificial intelligence for growth and success.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: 127 Norland Cir, Oshawa, ON L1L 0A7, Canada
  • Contact Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
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5. Zfort Group

Zfort Group, established in the year 2000, has carved a niche in the software development industry by focusing on creating innovative software solutions that address real business challenges. With a steadfast commitment to technology and a unique approach to project execution, Zfort Group has distinguished itself in the field.


The company has honed a proven methodology tailored to each of the 16 industries it serves, ensuring software development services are delivered timely and within budget, circumventing the common pitfalls of project delays and inaccurate estimates. This methodology is part of Zfort Group’s commitment to exceeding client expectations by delivering more than what is typically expected from an engineering team.


With a portfolio that spans over 1,500 projects across various domains, Zfort Group boasts a significant footprint in the tech industry. The firm operates with 18 dedicated teams and has established a strong client base in the United States, totaling over 250. The ongoing management of 54 current projects, alongside the operation of four international data centers, underscores their capability and global reach.


Clients often choose Zfort Group for their long-term reliability and the trustworthiness they bring to outsourced software development projects. The company’s philosophy is centered around building solid custom software products, managing custom software budgets effectively, ensuring the absence of subpar code, and guaranteeing on-time delivery. These principles have been instrumental in establishing Zfort Group as a trusted partner for both startups and established companies.


Zfort Group’s reputation is further bolstered by several awards and recognitions, including being named the Most Innovative Business Solutions Software Development Firm in 2018 and receiving accolades for its contributions to web development and IT outsourcing. These honors reflect the company’s innovative approach and excellence in software development.


At the heart of Zfort Group’s value proposition are honesty, efficiency, reliability, quality, and fair pricing. These values ensure that clients receive maximum clarity throughout the development process, with no hidden costs or surprises, thereby fostering a transparent and trustworthy relationship.


In the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting, Zfort Group leverages its extensive experience in software development, including proficiency in AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data, to offer strategic advice and practical implementation support. The company’s AI consulting services are comprehensive, encompassing AI strategy formation, assistance in AI implementation, and training for staff to effectively work with AI technologies.


Zfort Group’s extensive track record, evidenced by their involvement in over 2,000 projects and their deep expertise in high-tech areas such as AI, ML, big data processing, and blockchain technologies, positions them as a leader in the field. The company is committed to quality and long-term business relationships, emphasizing the delivery of high-quality projects that meet and exceed client expectations.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: 1-B Buchmy St, Kharkiv, 61144, Ukraine
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone: +12029602900
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:


6. Stepwise

Stepwise distinguishes itself in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) by focusing on the practical applications of these technologies to solve real business challenges. Their expertise spans AI Consulting & Strategy, Data & Machine Learning Engineering, and AI Software Development, with a particular emphasis on utilizing tools such as ChatGPT, Google BigQuery,, Python, Kotlin, Google Cloud Platform, and Terraform. This specialization has propelled Stepwise among the fastest-growing technology companies, earning them the Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe title.


Their mission is to empower companies to dominate their markets with AI and ML solutions, aiming to supercharge businesses worldwide with these technologies and push beyond conventional boundaries to address business challenges innovatively. Stepwise advocates for a long-term partnership with their clients, ensuring that each team member’s business acumen complements their technical expertise. The concept of Elite Teams at Stepwise revolves around assembling small, highly specialized groups of engineers led by senior architects and tech visionaries, ensuring the delivery of business-centric technology solutions.


Stepwise’s approach to project execution is defined by prioritizing business objectives, quantifying project outcomes from the onset, and maintaining clear communication throughout the development process. Their core strengths lie in Data Science, Backend, and Cloud technologies, with C-level executives playing an active role in each project to contribute strategic insights.


The services offered by Stepwise cover a comprehensive range from AI assessment and strategy formation to research & development (R&D) and solution architecture. These services aim to guide businesses through the complexities of AI, from initial feasibility assessment and business case validation to strategic planning for AI implementation and scalability.


Stepwise’s AI Assessment process begins with understanding a client’s readiness to implement AI solutions, exploring industry trends, and identifying potential AI use cases and business analyses. This foundational step is crucial for validating the business case for AI projects and designing AI products that align with specific business objectives.


Following assessment, AI R&D at Stepwise involves exploring technological possibilities through research, prototyping, feasibility studies, and model testing & validation. This phase is essential for turning innovative ideas into tangible prototypes and ensuring the viability of AI projects.


The AI Strategy Roadmap service provides a long-term plan for AI implementation, encompassing strategic planning, financial planning, risk assessment, and an implementation plan. This roadmap is designed to ensure a coherent vision for AI adoption and effective risk management.


Finally, AI Solution Architecture focuses on the detailed planning required for the architecture, security, and scalability of AI solutions. Stepwise’s approach includes designing scalable and secure AI deployments, leveraging generative AI architecture, and ensuring the solutions are future-proof.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Loftmill LIXA C building, 5th floor, ul. Marcina Kasprzaka 4, 01-211 Warszawa, Poland
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone: +48 888 634 442
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:


7. Digisource Consulting AB

Digisource Consulting AB, headquartered in Stockholm, emerged in 2015 as a software solutions and consulting firm with a focused mission on digital transformation. The founders, bringing over two decades of leadership experience in the tech and HR industries both within Sweden and internationally, set out to elevate business decision-making processes through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


This agile company has, since its inception, successfully developed and implemented AI-driven solutions in the cloud, marking significant milestones early in its journey. Digisource’s ethos is grounded in the belief that technology is a means to achieving business objectives. They prioritize understanding their clients’ business goals, aligning technological solutions accordingly, and empowering clients through knowledge transfer.


Innovation lies at the core of Digisource’s operations, with a strong inclination towards Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as the cornerstone of their digital transformation solutions. Their approach challenges existing solutions while exploring new ideas to assess their future potential. With a robust project management model in place, Digisource emphasizes quality norms and provides transparent, online project management tools for enhanced client collaboration and visibility.


Data protection and privacy are paramount at Digisource, with stringent measures in place to comply with GDPR guidelines. This reflects their commitment to securing client data and intellectual property. The firm also places a high value on customer satisfaction, regularly conducting surveys to ensure their solutions are aligned with client expectations and business directions.


Digisource’s AI solutions span various business areas, including sales, marketing, customer services, human resources, and supply chain management, showcasing their versatility and breadth of expertise. Their AI services include strategy and consulting, solution building, customization, implementation, integration, and ongoing maintenance and support, providing a comprehensive suite for businesses looking to leverage AI.


The company’s AI expertise encompasses machine learning, RPA, predictive analysis, decision management, and more, enabling businesses to unlock unprecedented opportunities and achieve significant returns on investment. Digisource advocates for a hands-on approach to implementing AI, starting from workshops and business case development to pilot projects, strategy formulation, and knowledge transfer.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Phone : +46 (0)8 5592 4243
  • Email :


8. EY Sweden

EY, a global leader in assurance, consulting, strategy, transactions, and tax services, commits itself to building a better working world. With over 400,000 professionals across more than 150 countries, EY leverages its vast network to deliver insights and quality services that help foster trust and confidence in the capital markets and economies worldwide. Their guiding principle, centered around creating long-term value for clients, people, society, and ensuring trust in the capital markets, resonates through their integrated service lines and deep sector knowledge.


EY has positioned itself as a beacon for digital pioneers, offering guidance through data piracy challenges, aiding governments in financial crises, unlocking new medical treatments through data analytics, and ensuring high-quality audits to bolster trust in financial markets and businesses. Central to their innovation efforts is the unification of all artificial intelligence (AI) endeavors under the platform, aiming to make AI benefits more accessible to clients while enhancing transparency, trust, and confidence in AI technologies. This initiative reflects EY’s commitment to utilizing AI to serve society’s broader interests, striving for a more inclusive and equitable future.


The organization’s integrated service lines are designed to help clients navigate new opportunities and manage risks, thereby delivering responsible growth. EY’s multidisciplinary teams are renowned for their performance, helping fulfill regulatory requirements, keep investors informed, and meet stakeholder needs. Their approach is built on the belief that a better working world is sustainable and inclusive, dedicating efforts to improve service quality by investing in people and innovation.


EY’s capabilities are underpinned by data and technology, with diverse teams across the globe providing trust through assurance and aiding clients in growth, transformation, and operation. By asking better questions, EY finds new answers to the complex issues facing the world today, spanning across strategy, consulting, law, tax, and transactions. Their strategic arm, EY-Parthenon, exemplifies the combination of innovation with pragmatic thinking to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s business landscape.


In the realm of AI, EY assists businesses in building cutting-edge AI solutions aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency. Their services cover the entire AI lifecycle, from strategy and consulting to solution building, customization, implementation, integration, maintenance, and support. This comprehensive suite of services addresses various business domains, such as sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, and supply chain management, leveraging machine learning, robotic process automation, predictive analysis, and decision management to empower businesses.


EY’s approach to implementing AI involves workshops, business case development, pilot projects, strategy formulation, and knowledge transfer. Their expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, predictive analysis, decision management, and virtual agents/chatbots is designed to seamlessly integrate with the client’s business model to spur growth.


By fostering an environment where digital transformation is continuous, EY helps clients reimagine their ecosystems, reshape portfolios, and reinvent themselves for a better future. Their services in business process transformation, customer experience, digital technology strategy, and leveraging mobility, analytics, and cloud technologies highlight their commitment to assisting clients through their digital missions, enabling end-to-end IT transformation.


Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Prästgatan 48A, Östersund 831 33
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:



The landscape of AI consulting in Sweden is marked by a diverse array of companies offering specialized services that cater to the evolving needs of businesses aiming to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations. These firms exhibit a strong commitment to quality and innovation, as evidenced by their comprehensive service offerings that range from AI strategy consulting to custom AI application development, machine learning solutions, data analytics, and industry-specific AI implementations. With a focus on enhancing business processes, improving customer experiences, and driving digital transformation, these companies leverage their expertise to deliver impactful solutions tailored to each client’s unique challenges and objectives.


The robust ecosystem of AI consulting in Sweden is characterized by firms that not only possess deep technical expertise but also understand the strategic value AI can bring to various industries. Their services are designed to empower businesses to harness the potential of AI technologies, fostering operational excellence and competitive advantage. By prioritizing personalized service and fostering long-term partnerships with their clients, these companies are pivotal in shaping how Swedish businesses navigate the complexities of AI integration. This collaborative approach, coupled with a strong focus on innovation and quality, positions Sweden as a vibrant hub for AI consulting and development on the global stage.

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