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Digitai Labs brings AI to life with real world scenarios

Xische’s DigitAI establishes its AI Lab in Frankfurt Germany in collaboration with AI Superior. DigitAI is expanding its machine learning and AI services that solve real world problems to bring clients real value in terms of expanded revenue streams and cost reductions

Dubai, UAE: As emerging technologies, including AI, become a bigger part of everyday life, more organizations are looking for ways to integrate AI into their organization and create new, AI-driven processes. To meet demand, DigitAI, a Dubai-based professional-led firm focused on emerging technologies and innovation management have established a Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Lab in Frankfurt Germany in collaboration with AI Superior.  The new practice will be named DigitAI Labs.

AI Superior, a Frankfurt, Germany-based technology firm, will provide enhanced Data Science, Machine Learning, & AI services that promises to deliver actionable data analysis and effective integration of AI and machine learning for organizations across the region.

The expanded division has already delivered a project incorporating AI and machine learning in conjunction with GE Digital, the digital arm of GE and GE Healthcare Partners, the consulting arm of GE for a nationwide project in Saudi Arabia. The engagement assessed the readiness for Machine Learning & AI, identified initiatives to build capability and potential use cases, and delivered a proof of concept algorithm that demonstrated the potential of big gains for Saudi Arabia’s healthcare system.

Fadi Jawdat Al-Hindi, senior partner of DigitAI, believes AI and machine learning will continue to gain traction in the coming 5 years, “Both DigitAI and AI Superior understand that AI and machine learning are the way forward for all industries to remain relevant. Real life applications will increase exponentially, which is why it’s so important to establish the right foundation and expand our services right now.”

Sergey Sukhanov, co-founder of AI Superior, added, “With DigitAI we’re taking AI and machine learning and using them to solve real world problems. We’re making the technology work for organizations, helping them understand how it can make their processes, products, and services smarter in every way.”

Dr. Ivan Tankoyeu, co-founder of AI Superior, further explained, “AI and machine learning are no longer abstract concepts or hypotheticals. They’re already active processes with real life applications, which is why working with DigitAI to explore more real-world scenarios means we’re envisioning the future, and acting on it, for organizations in the region.”

Actionable data analysis and effective integration of Industry 4.0 tech, like AI and machine learning, are proving increasingly vital to businesses, especially as the economic landscape continues to rapidly digitize. Especially in a post-pandemic context, information will be the cornerstone of a swiftly transforming consumer market. Companies that can leverage both data and tech will find themselves leading the way within their industries.

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