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Beneficial results of artificial intelligence services and solutions in business

of executives believe AI helps improve decision-making and provides a competitive advantage.


of activities in various industries can be automated with the help of AI.


of customers expect personalized engagement from businesses that can be reached with the help of AI.


reduction in financial losses among organizations that use AI for fraud detection.

Why choose AI Superior as your artificial intelligence
services partner
Team of seasoned professionals

Our team of highly skilled consultants, many of whom have a Ph.D. degree in AI or related fields, possess extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with different kinds of AI projects. We’ve developed AI-driven solutions for various industries, ranging from insurance, construction, and finance to pharmaceutical and real estate.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology

In addition to years of experience and deep domain knowledge in AI development, we take pride in using the latest tools & technologies. Whether you’re looking to adopt AI for the first time, want to audit existing AI systems, or scale your AI systems, we can help!

Guaranteed reliability and flexibility

Transparency and continuous communication are paramount for the success of any AI project or solution. At AI Superior, we prioritize close collaboration with our clients, ensuring they comprehend the value of each step along the way. Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to your project goals and requirements, providing you with peace of mind.

Elevate your business to new heights

As a trusted artificial intelligence service company, we integrate AI into various processes to drive long-term efficiency and ensure business continuity. Through careful analysis, we identify areas and operations where AI-powered solutions can add substantial value to your business, empowering you to harness the full potential of AI.

AI solutions we can build for your project

Computer vision and Image Processing

Leverage the power of computer vision to drive impactful image analysis and processing to enhance growth and solve business challenges. Our computer vision technology, which includes video analysis, object detection, and image analysis, can help you extract meaningful information from videos and images and turn it into actionable insights. Whether you’re looking for image segmentation, emotional analysis, optical character recognition, face recognition, or contextual image classification, AI Superior has you covered.

Natural Language Processing

Each customer interaction, whether that’s through social media, email, or customer support chat, generates a large volume of unstructured textual data every second that can be valuable for business. With our natural language processing services, you can discover invaluable insights from this data, solve various text analysis problems such as sentiment analysis, and find meaningful information in seconds. Our experts can also help develop robust NLP apps with features like question answering, speech recognition, semantic search, machine translation, control spamming, and emotional meaning.

Predictive analytics

Because of the constantly changing business landscape, historical data is no longer enough to drive profitable ROIs. This is where predictive analytics can help. It takes both current and historical data to provide trends and insights about the future for better data-driven decision-making. AI Superior’s predictive analytics services can help you drive actions based on customer behaviour and predicted market trends. From fraud detection and predicting equipment failure to forecasting market trends, we guarantee reliable and accurate predictive models that can boost business.

BI solutions

Make smarter decisions based on business data with our BI solutions. We can help you identify areas for improvement, organizational issues, and new opportunities for your business by taking advantage of raw, unstructured data coming from multiple origins. Our BI solutions can help improve operational efficiency and make compelling visualization for data-driven decisions and strategies.

Big Data Analytics

Make decision-making quicker and better with big data analytics in real time. With our expertise in big data analytics, we can help implement analytical capabilities that you can use to solve business challenges, predict future outcomes, and gain new actionable insights and patterns that can make your business more efficient. You can also analyze data from different sources, including logs, transactional applications, and sensors, to identify opportunities for creating new services and products and gauging potential risks and customer needs.

Wondering if your problem can be solved with AI?

Building award-winning AI solutions across multiple business domains.

Our Work Process

At AI Superior, we follow a systematic approach for all AI development projects. When you choose us as your partner, here’s what you can expect:

Discovery stage:

We begin by thoroughly understanding the problem you aim to solve. Through close collaboration, we gather insights and define the general direction and approach for the solution. We provide high-level estimations to give you a clear understanding of the project scope and expected outcomes.

Initial setup:

Once we grasp your requirements, we delve deeper into understanding your team and the data needed for a successful project. We assess the available dataset to determine if AI is the optimal solution for addressing the problem at hand.

Building MVP:

We adopt an incremental approach by starting small and utilizing the available dataset to test the viability of our idea. This allows us to determine the effectiveness of the proposed solution and assess its worthiness for further investment.

Scaling and integrating:

After successfully developing and testing a prototype, we focus on integrating the AI solution into your existing system. We ensure seamless compatibility with your data, fine-tuning the models, and making necessary adjustments as required.

Evaluating results:

We work closely with you to comprehensively evaluate the results of the implemented AI integration. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and ensure their accurate interpretation, enabling you to derive maximum value from the AI solution.

By following this process, we ensure transparency, collaboration, and a thorough understanding of your needs throughout the project, resulting in successful AI implementations that drive tangible business outcomes.
Customer success stories
Proof of Concept (PoC)
We help you test your product idea
Minimum viable product (MVP)
We help you validate your business model with a minimum viable product fit
We help you scale from MVP to a full-scale product
AI Development Packages
for Startups

AI Superior offers fixed AI development plans tailored to support startups at every stage of the software development process. From AI proof of concept (PoC) to fully scalable products leveraging advanced AI models, our plans ensure a guaranteed outcome at a predefined price.

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Still uncertain about how an AI services company can help your business? Read the FAQs to find the answers:
What are typical AI services?
We offer a range of AI services to help businesses harness the true power of AI. Some typical AI services include:

Custom AI solutions: We build AI solutions tailor-made to your business needs and challenges. Our AI experts closely work with you to understand your unique requirements and develop AI systems that meet your needs, improve efficiency, put you ahead of competitors, and drive innovation.

AI Consulting: We specialize in providing strategic guidance to businesses looking to adopt AI to drive growth and improve operations. Experts at AI Superior assess your business needs, identify AI opportunities, and develop a strategy for AI development and implementation.

Implementation: Once a plan is in place and an AI solution is deemed viable, the AI consulting company works to implement the project. This involves building the necessary framework, selecting and customizing the model, and integrating the AI solution with the existing system.

AI Training & Education: We offer training modules, workshops, and lectures for businesses looking to upskill their employees in AI. From coding rules to data science team training and from machine learning and data mining workshops to lectures on AI software development, we strive to provide leading AI skills that can keep your business relevant in today’s constantly changing business landscape.

AI Integration & Deployment: At AI Superior, we help businesses integrate AI into their existing legacy systems and workflows. Our experts can incorporate AI into existing software applications, optimize models and algorithms for faster performance, and deploy them seamlessly into your existing processes.

Data Analysis: Professionals at AI Superior help businesses extract valuable information from raw data using AI. We can help you identify trends and patterns and provide actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.
How can businesses benefit from AI services and solutions?
As AI evolves, businesses get to enjoy more benefits—greater customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and improved business operations.

Using AI to analyze customer behaviour and preferences and provide personalized experiences and tailored recommendations can result in higher customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and increased engagement and loyalty, which is ultimately good for business.

AI can also automate mundane and repetitive tasks so that your employees can focus more on innovating rather than routine tasks. It can also process huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently and process complex calculations, leading to improved productivity, reduced human error, and better efficiency. Plus, automating repetitive tasks helps businesses save resources and time.

Fully leveraging AI can also put you ahead of your competitor since it allows businesses to identify new opportunities, respond quickly to market changes, and innovate faster.
What is AI as a service?
AI as a service is a cloud-based service that allows you to use AI solutions and services pre-configured on the cloud. It follows a pay-as-you-go model and allows you to experiment with AI and ensure that it provides value to your business before making any investment. It also allows businesses to use AI in production without a huge up-front investment, and with low risk and greater speed.

Numerous platforms provide AI as a service and allow you to experiment with their ML algorithms and services. At AI Superior, we understand that it can become overwhelming to choose the right tools and platforms that completely meet your needs from today’s ever-expanding market, but our AI consultants can help. Our experts can guide you through the selection process and help you integrate all the necessary tools into your project.
How much do AI services cost?
Since every AI project is unique, the cost of AI services can vary and depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the project, availability of data, deployment considerations, and customization needs. While we can’t give an exact figure without knowing the project details, we closely work with our clients to assess their needs and provide personalized solutions that fit their budgets. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a customized quote based on your project.
What AI solutions are the most common in business use?
From operations and marketing to customer service, AI is used in many aspects of business. Some common use cases include:

Chatbots for better customer service: Companies can streamline and improve their customer service processes with chatbots and free up their customer service representatives for problems that require human intervention. Chatbots can also route customers to representatives who can address their questions better and be available 24/7 to solve customer queries.

Personalized recommendations: AI can analyze customer behaviour and recommend products that align with the user’s interest. This is particularly popular with e-commerce and streaming websites. By analyzing the kinds of shows and movies you watch the most or products you search the most for, the AI can present you with similar titles to keep you on the platform for longer.

Audience segmentation for targeted campaigns: AI is used in the advertisement industry to segment users and make targeted campaigns to boost sales, especially in highly competitive industries.

Sentiment analysis for customer satisfaction: Sentiment analysis with AI allows companies to gauge customer reactions and gather insights on how customers view their brand by scanning through ratings, reviews, and posts that mention the brand. These insights help companies identify areas that can be improved to ensure better customer service.

Fraud detection: Companies use AI to identify and respond to fraud and prevent cybercrime. Different machine learning algorithms are used to identify suspicious transactions and whenever there’s a risk of fraud, the transaction is stopped and relevant parties are informed of the risk.

Optimizing supply chain: AI is also helpful for companies that struggle to deliver products on time. It can help predict the price of the material and shipping and estimate the time it’ll take for the products to pass through the supply chain. As a result, companies can make better decisions about the optimal way of shipping products. It is also commonly used to find faster routes to help delivery drivers.
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