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Co-founder and Chief Data Officer Ivant Tankoyeu Discusses “The Challenges of Starting an AI Business” on the “From Idea to Launch” Podcast

We are excited to announce that our co-founder and Chief Data Officer, Ivant Tankoyeu, was recently invited as a guest on the “From Idea to Launch” podcast. In this episode, he discussed the challenges of starting an AI business in Europe and shared valuable insights from his own journey as an entrepreneur in the industry.

During this episode, Ivan touched upon various essential aspects related to launching an AI business in Europe. Some of the key topics he discussed include his background and entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the major hurdles that AI startups face in the region. Additionally, he provided advice for success, explored the impact of government policies on the industry’s growth, and emphasized the importance of collaboration between European AI startups and larger companies and much more.

Tune in to the “From Idea to Launch” podcast to listen to this insightful discussion: Listen to the podcast.

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