How Artificial Intelligence can help with Customer Churn | AI in Consumer Churn

Industry Internet
Potential industries Telco, Retail, Insurance, Finance, Education
Client Online Gaming Platform


Understanding the reasons and preventing customer churn is a critical component for sustainability of customer-oriented business. For one of the online gaming platforms AI Superior created a machine learning model that learns player behaviour over the course of the game and predicts the probability of churn for a particular time horizon. This solution helped a customer to predict the player’s churn event and employ the most relevant retention strategy. As the results of this project our customer was able to decrease churn to 11,3%.


Establishing a stable data collection and processing pipeline that didn’t affect the business operation due to high downtime was one of the most critical and challenging requirements from a customer. AI Superior’s data engineering team was able to successfully meet this requirement and build a high quality data pipeline with almost no downtime of the customer’s online platform.

Solution by AI Superior

A/B testing framework for experimentation on retention strategies was also employed to. Test newly introduced features in the game.

Outcome and Implications: allowed to understand churn reasons and developed retention strategies that reduces churn to 11.3%

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