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How Artificial Intelligence can help with Customer Churn | AI in Consumer Churn

Technology Core Machine Learning
Industry Internet
Potential industries Telco, Retail, Insurance, Finance, Education
Client Online Gaming Platform


Understanding the reasons and preventing customer churn is a critical component for sustainability of customer-oriented business. For one of the online gaming platforms AI Superior created a machine learning model that learns player behaviour over the course of the game and predicts the probability of churn for a particular time horizon. This solution helped a customer to predict the player’s churn event and employ the most relevant retention strategy. As the results of this project our customer was able to decrease churn to 11,3%.


One of the most critical and challenging requirements was establishing a stable data collection and processing pipeline that didn’t affect the business operations due to downtime.

Solution by AI Superior

AI Superior’s data engineering team was able to successfully meet this requirement and build a high quality data pipeline with almost no downtime of the customer’s online platform. In addition, an A/B testing framework for experimentation on retention strategies was also employed to test newly introduced features in the game.

Outcome and Implications

The solution allowed to understand churn reasons and develop retention strategies that reduced churn to 11.3%

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