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Empowering Cities with AI-Driven Pothole Detection and Road Damage Assessment

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AI Superior developed an advanced platform that utilizes deep learning algorithms to effectively detect and evaluate potholes and road damage in various types of roads. The app  requires minimal human intervention and significantly enhances road maintenance and inspection efforts.


Cities face numerous challenges in maintaining and inspecting their road infrastructure, particularly when it comes to efficiently detecting and evaluating road damage, such as potholes. Manual inspections are time-consuming, subjective, and often result in delays in identifying and repairing road defects. There is a pressing need for an automated and precise solution that can effectively identify and assess potholes and road damage, streamlining road maintenance and inspection processes.

Solution by AI Superior

AI Superior has developed an innovative platform to address the challenges faced by cities in road maintenance and inspection. Our solution leverages deep learning segmentation models to detect and evaluate potholes and road damage accurately. The platform accepts video footage or individual frames as input and applies a deep learning model to accurately segment potholes. For each segmented pothole, the solution extracts key features, such as size and area, which are essential for estimating severity levels.

Once the severity level is estimated for each pothole, the results are mapped to a scalable GIS application that enables users to visualize road damage and easily identify areas requiring attention. Additionally, the platform enables users to receive notifications based on predefined rules, such as immediate action required for critical potholes. The platform also includes filtering capabilities, empowering users to focus on specific severity levels and prioritize repairs accordingly.

Moreover, the platform offers the flexibility to integrate the deep learning model into a real-time video processing pipeline. This integration allows for continuous monitoring and instant detection of potholes and road damage, enabling proactive maintenance and quicker response times.


Outcome and Implications

The platform developed by AI Superior brings significant benefits to cities’ road maintenance and inspection efforts. By automating the detection, evaluation, and mapping of potholes, the platform saves valuable time and resources. Road maintenance teams can proactively identify and prioritize repairs based on severity levels, optimizing the allocation of resources and improving road conditions.

Furthermore, the platform’s ability to integrate the deep learning model into a real-time video processing pipeline adds another layer of efficiency and responsiveness. Continuous monitoring and instant detection enable cities to stay ahead of road damage, reducing potential hazards and improving overall road safety.

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