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How Artificial Intelligence can help with Skill Analytics | AI and Automated Interview Process

Technology Core Machine Learning
Industry Internet
Potential industries Retail, Telco, Insurance, Education, Finance, Oil and Gas, Government
Client Online Recruiting Platform


We developed automated candidate scoring and candidate-to-company matching systems that allowed our customer (an online recruiting company) to automate the process of assessing technical skills thoroughly. Due to the success of the solution, scoring experts were able to save 800 man-hours per month. Additionally, they enjoyed advanced functionality to their platform.


The customer is an online recruiting platform that connects remote technical workforces with companies across the globe. Finding the right candidates with the right skill and expertise level is vital to providing quality candidate recommendations to companies looking to hire new workers.
Additionally, automating the interview processes was crucial to scale up assessment procedures without making drastic changes to their internal human resources function. These two business challenges were reduced to technical ones:

  • Automatic candidate scoring
  • Automatic candidate-to-company fit estimation

Solution by AI Superior

To automate candidate scoring, we developed a Data Science system that utilized historical candidate data and the experts’ scores related to their performance during technical/coding interviews and tests. The Data Science system was trained to automatically score candidates based on their code, test outcomes, and technical challenges results. Additionally, to provide automatic candidate-to-company fit, we developed a Data Science solution that, by analyzing key features of companies and candidates, was able to provide the degree of the match according to various criteria. This allowed candidates to get the recommendation of companies to apply as well as provided candidates with an easy way to get the best fitting talent. This Data Science solution’s unique feature is the module that extracts skills from candidates’ profiles and enables skill matching and gap analysis in a fully automatic way.

Outcome and Implications

The developed Data Science solution allowed the customer to streamline the candidate review process by auto-mating scoring and assessment functionality. This allowed the customer to save 800 man-hours per month of scoring expert labor. Additionally, an automatic candidate-to-company fit estimation module enabled ranking and matching candidates to a company according to key features as well as skills.

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