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Revolutionizing Solar Panel Planning with AI-Driven Roof Analysis

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Industry Energy
Potential industries Energy
Client Solar energy company


AI Superior developed a solution for a solar energy company that enables efficient planning for solar panel implementation. The solution utilizes deep learning models to accurately detect and segment roofs into distinct areas, and estimates the area and dimensions of each segment. 


A solar energy company faced the challenge of streamlining the process of analyzing residential roofs for solar panel installations. The traditional manual methods employed by the company were time-consuming, making it necessary to find an automated and precise solution that could provide reliable and efficient roof analysis. They required a system that could automatically identify the boundaries of roofs and segment them into distinct areas – providing accurate measurements for each roof plane – which was essential for determining the optimal placement of solar panels.

Solution by AI Superior

AI Superior developed a cutting-edge solution using deep learning algorithms to tackle the challenge at hand.Our solution took advantage of satellite images provided by Eagleview to precisely annotate residential roofs to feed our deep learning models, achieving high precision in detection and segmentation of roof planes.

The solution took a satellite image as input and provided the following outputs:

  • Pixel boundaries of the roof in the related image: The solution accurately identified the outline of the roof, ensuring precise detection.
  • List of distinct areas of the roof planes and their pixel boundaries: The solution further segmented the roof into distinct areas, enabling a detailed understanding of the roof’s structure and layout.

The developed solution worked effectively across various types of residential roofs, accommodating the diverse architectural styles encountered in different locations.


Outcome and Implications

The solution developed by AI Superior revolutionizes the process of roof analysis for solar energy companies. By automating the detection, segmentation, and estimation of roof areas and dimensions, the solution saves significant time and resources. Solar energy companies can now efficiently plan the implementation of solar panels on residential roofs, maximizing energy generation and minimizing installation costs.

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